Bath Time: Soak It Up


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A bath is a fabulous way to unwind after a long day. In fact, having a nice bathroom with a large jacuzzi tub was one of the few things that I really missed when I was in college. I know, I know, cry me a river, right? While I may not have the jacuzzi tub yet, I do get to enjoy baths much more often these days. Following are the key components of the perfect nighttime soak.

>> The Basics [ hot-warm water + Epsom salts/bubble bath/bath oil ]
My personal fave are Epsom salts to soothe aching muscles from a long spin class and combat bloat as they are a natural system detoxifier (hello quick skinny tip!). Also check out bath oils and bubble bath for a little more luxury. Just please, please make sure the products aren’t full of any weird ingredients, because well, when you’re sitting in a tub in the nude…you get my drift 😉 LSC approved products here, here and here.

>> The Sips [ choice of beverage + choice of glass/goblet/tumbler/pimp cup? ]
Arguably the most crucial aspect of the bath time ritual, a sip, hot or cold, alcoholic or a little more tame, is most definitely a standard. My choice is usually a nice glass of red or white wine. Get really classy and pop open some champs (side: this pairs well with lots ‘o bubbles). Tea is another option, but I personally find soaking in hot liquid AND drinking hot liquid a little overkill, mkay? But hey, try it out and let me know.

>> The Mood [ candles + tunes ]
Setting the mood should not be passed up. If you want the full effect, you must light candles. Lots of candles. The glow-ier the better. Dimmer lights work as well, but candles are just so…dreamy? I like unscented. Music is also important and go with your favorite tunes that bring you back to earth. My favorite is electronic/indie/dreamy (is there one name for this? does anyone even know what I’m talking about?). Think Zero7, Washed Out, Radiohead.

>> The Reads [ choice of magazine or choice of book ]
Pretty self-explanatory. Pick a book. Pick a magazine. Or pick both. Whatever you do, DO NOT bring a Kindle or iPad near the soak zone. Electronics and water don’t mix.

>> The Mix-In’s [ pick your favorite extras ]
Dry brush for even more detoxification and for a greater benefit from the Epsom salts.
For some extra “ahhhhh”, add essential oils such as lavendar, jasmine or sandalwood.
Make it a mini spa day and put on a face mask/hair mask/lip scrub/parrafin hand treatment.

Now that you have all of my essentials for a great bath and a balanced sense of chic, what are you waiting for? Hop in!


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